Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diamond Days


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‘Some days are Diamonds, some days are stone’ says the opening line of a song by John Denver. A dear friend of mine used that line as the title of a post on a Social Networking site and it just stuck in my mind. Well today is one of those Diamond Days and I just had to borrow the sentiment to write a Blog.

Is today really any different from yesterday, or the day before? Well, no, not really. Sometimes, of course, a Diamond Day is about waking up to realize some great drama is finally behind you. Other times, Diamond Days are all about attitude.

The sun is shining today. The birdies are singing and there is a gentle breeze to waft the fragrance of the honeysuckle flowers. But none of that is what you would call a rare occurrence. It’s just that sometimes I have been so inwardly focussed that I saw only the darkness and the unloveliness of my problems.

The truly amazing thing is that many of my problems are still with me. Issues that weighed me down and filled my heart with sadness yesterday have not just magically disappeared.

Yet today I woke up filled with enthusiasm for life and suddenly the whole world looks so much different. I can’t say with any degree of certainty that I can retain this frame of mind. Somewhere during the course of this Diamond Day something might happen to send me spiralling into the depths of depression. Or, then again, because I realize just how important it is to maintain a positive attitude, I might just find the strength to rise above it, whatever it is.

Why, after all, should I let myself be tossed about like a piece of cork in the tidal wash of life? If I want to experience more Diamond Days like this, then I need to dig in and create an anchor for myself.

There will always be disappointments and heartaches and painful moments in this world of ours. But ‘happiness’ isn’t the absence of these things so much as the ability to deal with them when they come along.

©Lyn Murphy 2011

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travellerlina said...

Happy Diamont day! It's so magical when you wake up like this no matter what the situation is... Keep this feeling like a treasure and don't let anything spoil it! Good morning!