Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Reflections


 ©Mist by VSC

So we are back to staring at blank pages!

I keep thinking I must find something to write about or people will get sick of coming to my Blog and finding nothing new. But I wrack my brain for some kind of inspiration and find the cupboard depressingly bare.

Perhaps I could get on board with the current trend in the Blogger Kingdom and have a Theme Day? My Blogger friend, Thea, always has a Sunday Session, where she posts clips of her favourite music. Other friends take part in Wordless Wednesday, where they post a picture, generally without a caption, because they feel it has something to say all by itself. It’s Sunday, so I’m thinking I might sum up my week and call it Sunday Reflections?

H’mmm. Is my life really of sufficient interest to anyone else for this to be a viable option? Well, probably not. But then again, this is my little corner of the Blogosphere and that means I have carte Blanche as far as content goes. And I actually drop by regularly to the Blogs of other people and read about what is happening in their lives. It’s just as it would be if I was able to visit these people personally and share a cup of coffee and a bit of a chat. We might not discuss anything of earth shattering importance, but we would be getting to know each other by sharing something of ourselves. We would be building a friendship.

So, here goes!

We had a minor triumph this week. Due to illness and family issues, our work-related situation has been up and down and all over the place for the last couple of years. Just recently it looked like we were about to plummet down yet another dip in the roller coaster when the lady who owned the business to which we were subcontracting, (I’ll call her Nellie) decided to sell up for health reasons.

But to our amazement Nellie asked if we would like to take over this particular cleaning round and manage it ourselves. Now Nellie has only known us since June of this year when we started to work for her, but apparently she gave us a glowing reference when she spoke to the Office Manager. We had a meeting with the same Office Manager on Thursday and she, plus other staff members, gave us a very warm and friendly welcome.

So it's a real feather in our cap that we are not the 'subbies' anymore - we da contractors now, man!

Of course I know better than to crow too loudly for fear the hen house might just collapse on my head. So I will just smile very broadly instead.

It wasn’t all that long ago I was mortified to think we might have to go back to working at B Street

©Lyn Murphy 2011

PS. Incidentally - if you've dropped by for a visit please leave a comment - even if it was just to say Hello. This would be very much appreciated and, if you have a Blog, I would be happy to come and visit with you.


Judy said...

Yes, your life is interesting, Lyn. Don't give up on it, I enjoy reading it.
Judy Lawson

Cheryl said...

Lyn, it's worth keeping up the blog, even for your own sake. I find writing cathartic and a wee place to offload. Sure I want more readers and I'd definitely like to see more interaction but the writing in itself helps.

I don't post regularly. Or read others' blogs enough. My life doesn't allow it. But I do try to keep up as best I can. :o)

Hang in there Lyn and keep posting! I enjoy our 'coffee and chats' ;o)

ain't for city gals said...

Popping in to say hi!..I finally had to switch over to the pop up window for comments because of issues with might try that as what you have here it is hard to leave a comment. Blog when you can ...sometimes there is just not time for it all.