Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sunday Reflections


It’s now 16 days since I started on my Paleo Diet and it is 17 days since I’ve taken any medication. I’ve lost 5.2 kilos and 7 cm from my waistline. I’m now losing weight at the rate of about 300- 500 grams a day, and that’s without a great deal of extra exercise outside of my normal work routine.

Get this – I do not suffer with those dreadful hypoglycaemic attacks any more. It used to be that, in spite of eating a hearty breakfast, I would find myself suddenly overwhelmed with hunger a couple of hours later. I would get weak and shaky, start perspiring and even suffer with pins and needles down the side of my face.

It made me so angry! Here I was desperately trying to stop the kilos from piling on and I was always hungry. I knew I shouldn’t eat Lollies, but what else do you do when you are in the middle of cleaning job and an attack of the munchies leaves you shaking and unable to concentrate?

Yes, I have had some dark times with my Anxiety/Depression. It’s so much easier to just pop a pill when the mind tears off at a million miles an hour, fretting about this and that and everything else. Or when it plunges into a pit of depression –

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me. I’m going out to eat worms!

 I’m sure you know how that goes.

It’s really helped to have my Blog and to be able to talk about all of this. I was touched by the level of support I received from some Blogger friends as well as personal friends and family as well. I guess I don’t have to eat worms after all. Although they would be a good source of Protein I imagine. LOL.

Of course the real test will come when I face the inevitable storms of life that affect us all at some time. Will I stand strong, or will I make a bee-line for my little stash of pills in the bedside cabinet? Right now I see myself standing firm, arms akimbo – my superwoman cape flapping in the wind behind me.

So it’s (mostly) all good. In fact it’s even a bit exciting. We really do need something to aim for, don’t we? It doesn’t matter what it is – losing weight, learning a new skill, taking up a sport – we just need to be going somewhere.
©Lyn Murphy 2011


katsicles said...

SO very true Lyn, I'm really proud of you and of your efforts.
All we can do is keep aiming for the sky- we all have our moments (oh boy do I have moments) but so long as you can dust yourself off and keep faith that you're doing your best that's what keeps us going.
Thanks so much for all your helpful tips and forwarded info.
Best of luck, I'll be watching on to hear all about your trials and success xx

Thea said...

That's fabulous! I'm so happy that you're feeling much better. xx