Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny Friday


 I'm linking up with Tropical Mum in the Friday Funny Post 

We’ve been working together long enough to be able to fit seamlessly into a routine with each other (well usually)

Today Pete was finishing mopping the corridor leading up from the toilets while I swept the entry hall at the end of the corridor. I spotted a small pile of dirt just near where he was mopping and went quickly to sweep it up.

But suddenly Pete thrust out a hand towards me and yelled


I froze. Now I know I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately so perhaps I had suffered a lapse in concentration and was about to do something dangerous, or just remarkably stupid. My eyes darted about, hither and thither, trying to spot the reason for his warning shout.

And then he grinned – albeit a little sheepishly.

Apparently he shouted because he thought I was about to swipe the mop right through the neat little pile of dirt, scattering  it all over the freshly washed tiles – not to mention dirtying the mop head and filling it full of grit.

Of course then he realized that he was the one with the mop!


Shelly - Tropical Mum said...

Your story made me chuckle, but the words 'hither and thither', well they did too. :) Thanks so much for joining in on Friday Funny.

Actually Mummy said...

Excellent! Love it - good that they do daft stuff as well as us ;)

Thea said...

Ha! Gotta love a brain lapse :)