Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today ISN'T The Day

It’s a beautiful day today. It’s sunny and warm and people have come out in droves to make the most of it.

The sports ground adjoining a local school has some kind of Soccer- meet happening.  Mums and Dads watch from deck chairs and picnic blankets as their offspring charge about the field in their team uniforms.

All along the waterfront there are people jogging and cycling – people walking their dogs. The shelters are full of families having barbeques and picnics. Children dig in the beach sand.  They scream with delight as they run to escape the tiny surging waves.

People fish from the specially constructed platforms. They practise Tai Chi under shady trees. Some just sit and relax and watch the world go by.

I saw it all as we did some errands this morning and I had a sudden revelation.

Today ISN’T the day.

See – two weeks ago we received the shattering news that we’ve lost our major source of income.
We’ve been down this road twice before, but it never gets any easier. I’ve spent hours trawling the Job ads – applying for anything that looked remotely suitable. I’ve posted ads of our own and put together resumes to suit various applications.

And I’ve worried.

Unlike my husband Pete, who is the ultimate optimist, I have great trouble in simply believing ‘it will all be okay’. 

I watch the meagre balance of our bank account waver as the expenses keep rolling in but the income doesn’t. How long can we hold out before things start to get really scary?

But, today ISN’T the day. Today we won’t have to deal with all the horrible things I’ve been worrying about – like not being able to pay the rent, or the car payments. Today we still have everything we need to feel quite blessed.

And tomorrow? I'll just have to use my 'worrying' energy to look for new revelations to keep me positive and hopeful.

©Lyn Murphy 2012


Ray Colon said...

Hi Lyn,

It looks like you are doing all that you can in trying to find a way to replace the lost income. I lost my job at the end of March and am (was) the sole source of income for my household. In my career, I've tended to stay with companies for long periods of time, so the act of job searching is always a frustrating process. The search through job postings is endless and the submitted resumes seem to go straight into a black hole.

But, as you say, this isn't the day to fret over bills because they have been paid -- so far. Adding the worry of future troubles to the job search process can only make things worse. So we both will need to stay positive and continue the search.

A bit of good news. I was finally called for an interview on Monday. Wish me luck. :)


Ros said...

Dear Lyn,

Just catching up on your next instalment and was devastated to read about your troubles. I have everything crossed for you and Pete (and Paddy) that things will be okay.

I know how worrying can undermine....I am a worrier (as you know). However, things usually work out and I am hoping so for you and Pete.

Much love, Ros.