Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Grateful For


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I’ve decided to join in with Maxabella Loves and the I’m Grateful For link.

This week I’m grateful for my Blogger friends.

I don’t actually know most of them and yet we interact on a regular basis. I read and comment on their posts and they on mine.

Sometimes they inspire me – especially with these Linky Ideas.( Friday Funny is another one) It’s so much easier to come up with regular posts when you have a specific direction to follow.

They share their wonderful families with me Dancing Again.

They show me the world from another point of view with their wonderfully imaginative styles of photography. Me and my Tikiboo, and The Happy Shutterbug.

I’ve chosen but a few of my Blogger friends here but only as a matter of economy of post size. They are all equally important and special to me.

©Lyn Murphy 2011


Maxabella said...

I know how you feel, Lyn. Through visiting blogs and having them visit me, I feel like I have gotten to know a huge circle of truly wonderful people. We know so much about each other, more than most friendships sometimes. It's so inspiring and delightful. x

Melissa Jane said...

It opens up a whole new world. I am enjoying the blogging world too.


I understand exactly how you feel. I LOVE reading new blogs and meeting new people. Will check out these links. Take care.